Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Ok I'm back so I stop pigging out..

1 chobani greek honey yogurt cup

container of leftovers

Curry quinoa with veggies and tofu and topped with pieces of beets

( i admit i filled the container to the brim so I bet it is more than one serving.. in fact i am sure it is which is why i am admitting it on here. but it's homemade. so that means it's healthy right? right? Sigh I wish i could figure out if what i am cooking is actually good for me or if it's really 1,000 calories maybe i should just give up and go get a slice. )


8 baby carrots

cup of green tea

small plate of Caesar salad
2 slices of pizza
half a cannoli (what? it is shavout i had to eat dairy!)

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